Nicola Allan is an Aberdeenshire based artist, children's book author/illustrator and creator.

Nicola's work reflects our shared human experience. It can just be the expression of a penguin or the action of a tortoise but it conveys an emotional truth and subtly speaks to people about being a human. As well as humanity being an endless source of inspiration, her thoughts always turn to creatures great and small when starting to think about a new product. Any excuse for a trip to the zoo... 

Fun Nicola Facts:

  • She grew up in the jungle on the island of Borneo, most recently lived in Mexico and can now be found stomping around Scotland, which is "home".
  • Her favourite numbers are 7, 11 & 23.
  • She is extremely light sensitive - waking up as soon as the sun starts thinking about peaking over the horizon.
  • She loves running. She also hates running, and also loves it. It's very confusing.
  • When she was younger she wanted to be a vet... but studied law and practiced as a lawyer in two jurisdictions for over 12 years.
  • She is passionate about picture books and curious about all things magical and mystical.
    Nicola works on a variety of freelance illustration projects. With a professional background as a lawyer, she brings an analytical mind to any task making sure her creative sparks are backed up with a solid plan and design thinking.

    Get in touch if you have a something in mind, Nicola would be delighted to bring your project to life!

    For work enquiries, or to say hello, please email: nic@nicallan.co.uk